No real achievement

Published: Wednesday, 03 November 2021

I DON'T make an habit of writing to publications in fact this is the first time to yours, writes Alan Potter.

'Amazing green and blue spaces'

But I am incensed at the self satisfied way that the Canal & River Trust is bragging of its many Green Flag awards with its Daniel Greenhalgh praising its 'principle of local community action and the amazing  green and blue spaces on our doorsteps teeming with nature and wildlife'.

Oh yes, it can get Green Flag awards based on its volunteers cleaning up the towpaths of litter and debris, but what about any awards for looking after what it is supposed to do, its actual canals?

Disintegrating canals

The disintegrating canals are failing and closing virtually daily these days.  Locks crumbling through lack of attention and banks breaching through lack of inspection.

Of course it would not put these forward for an award, though the most important part of its work, as it would not stand a cat in hell's chance of achieving anything let alone an award, as it must be well aware.

What does a Green Flag award mean anyway?  Nothing more than that is has had its volunteers, as I mentioned, clearing-up the towpaths, and that's it.  No real achievement is it?  Just more of its never ending blarney.