No hurry to repair

Published: Thursday, 07 October 2021

BOATERS—us included—are discovering water points out of action.

Tony Compton found one out of action for weeks, and writes:

Four Counties

Decided to do the Four Counties Ring. started a Great Haywood watered up with only one water point working.

With toss of coin went along the Staffs & Worcs, with quite a few locks with only one paddle working.

On the Shroppie we had no problems. Middlewich Branch as pretty as ever. Back on Trent & Mersey with hardly any water. Wheelock Flight (Cheshire locks) no problems, Red Bull, Church Lawton covered with reeds so back to Great Haywood eight weeks later with water point still broken.

Would have been cleared

The point is if that was a fallen tree across towpath impending cycling it would be cleared straight away.