Criminals to clear rubbish from the waterways

Published: Wednesday, 06 October 2021

THE new Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab, has intimated that criminals will be used to clear rubbish from the waterways.

He is to introduce a new law and order crackdown with criminals wearing electronic tags and 'chain gangs' introduced to clear the rubbish from towpaths and surrounding areas, Keith Gudgin has discovered.

This backs the Prime Minister who wants to see far more offenders undertaking unpaid work.

Agreement with Canal & River Trust

Those ordered to carry out such work by a court will be required to clear rubbish from the  towpaths under an agreement with Canal & River Trust.

Dominic Raab tells that an extra 10,000 robbers, burglars and thieves will be fitted with satellite tags to track their movements when they are freed from jail over the next three years, costing an estimated £183millions.

They will wear high-visibility ‘Community Payback’ tabards while doing so.

Build-in satellite tags

It is a significant increase in existing schemes, with this new scheme meaning a new type of tag with built-in satellite tracking technology will be used to allow probation officers to identify precise locations.

Dominic Raab told that some of the record one million job vacancies across the country could be filled by offenders who are allowed out on day release or have just finished their jail sentences.