The beginning of this new direction

Published: Wednesday, 06 October 2021

THE incessant reports of navigation failures and CaRT operational failures all demonstrate the lack of funds CaRT receive and the wasteful policies of its management, writes Howard Clarke.

This will continue as it doesn't seem capable of reviewing its position and raison d'etre.

Give up maintaining

It won't be long before it gives up maintaining some of the navigations altogether, highlighting the environmental advantages of linear wildlife parks while keeping easier to maintain main stretches of waterways open to boats.

Another Dr Beeching type programme of reducing the total mileage to a manageable estate with increased control of movement and facilities.

Shepherded into marinas

Bankside mooring will be discouraged under 'Health & Safety'—boats will be shepherded into marinas. The age of joys and freedom of boating will be history with the remaining stretches of canal given over to paddle-boarders, kayaks, anglers and walkers.

No need to maintain locks except a few to demonstrate how they work, just as the side ponds here at the Summit are no longer used. I sometimes ask weekend visitors why the side ponds are there—no idea!

The latest policy of vegetation control is the beginning of this new direction.