Failures close two canals

Published: Wednesday, 22 September 2021

IT IS the Rochdale Canal yet again, one of two failures.

And the Shropshire Union is also closed, Keith Gudgin reports.

Failed balance beam

The Rochdale was closed on Saturday with a failed balance beam at Slater's Lowest Lock (76) at Newton Heath.

We are told Initial investigations have been completed and a method of repair has been organised, but a new balance beam will not be available for four weeks.

It is hoped that narrowboats only—no broad beamscan be allowed at given times with the lock operated by Canal & River Trust staff.


The Shropshire Union Canal was also closed on Saturday until further notice by the failure of paddles on Chemistry Lock (6) at Boughton. There is just a notice of inspection today.


Chemistry Lock is now open with the paddle repaired.