Leeds & Liverpool Canal closed for Bank Holiday?

Published: Wednesday, 25 August 2021

THE Leeds & Liverpool Canal is still closed at Johnson's Hillock Flight at Chorley.

It was on the 10th of August that the flight was closed at Lock 63 due to a damaged cill, Keith Gudgin reports.

Two weeks

For the past two weeks the contractors have been attempting to de-water the area so the cill can be repaired, but that is proving unsuccessful.

At the moment the flow of water from the upper pounds, we are told, is still preventing a safe working environment, so nothing can be done.

Hoped for more success

It is hoped for more success tomorrow, Thursday, when the water should be pumped around the lock, and then the work can begin with shuttering and the cill reinstalled.

As to whether this will be complete in the five days before August Bank Holiday Monday is anyone's guess.