Weaver woes

Published: Wednesday, 25 August 2021

THOUGH the Northwich services are now back in use, the Weaver problems still continue.

The Town Swing Bridge at Northwich after a year is still not working, though luckily this does not affect narrowboats it having an air draught of 7ft 6ins, Keith Gudgin reports.

TownSwingBridgeNorwichJuly last year

It was in July last year that the swing bridge was out of action, with delay after delay in its repair meaning that the vessels on the river that have a greater air height have no passage.

Now, though the guide rails and lateral rollers that need replacing have been fabricated, due to 'unforeseen delays' with the contractors and specialist sub-contractor, the planned works to the bridge that were planned to start on Monday have not yet started, with no further start date given.

All that is stated is that a 'revised time-frame for the works' will be provided on Friday 10th of September.