A sad end indeed

Published: Monday, 23 August 2021

A sad end, I fitted Elapsed Time 2 from scratch, from a bare hull, back in 2005 writes, Roger Guiver.

GuiverWell looked after and repainted a few years later at Hillmorton. Following knee surgery (that didn’t work) decided after 20+ years on the canals it was time to part with her, sad at the time, even sadder today.

Overwhelmed the cratch area

Out of interest the cratch cover only overlapped the side of the boat by about 100mm so my money is on fierce sluices overwhelming the cratch area and entering the boat.

A lot to be said for having the cabin doors closed when ascending a lock with fierce sluices!  A little water might enter the boat but nowhere enough to flood the boat.

(Ths was the boat that sunk in the 'Rochdale Nine' lock, that obviously did no get caught on the cill, but flooded from water in the bow—Editor.)