Four closures to start the week-end!

Published: Friday, 09 July 2021

LACK of regular maintenance is now really hitting home with four stoppages to welcome the week-end.

And of course to ruin boaters' plans should they have been looking forward to cruising where these are situated, as Keith Gudgin reports below..

Leeds & Liverpool

It starts with yet another Leeds & Liverpool Canal swing bridge out of action. This time one that records show as never given trouble, but Idle Swing Bridge (212) on the waterway really is idle as far as boaters are concerned, for it has been 'challenging to operate' for a number of weeks, and having no attention, it now has to be closed until next Friday, being locked in the 'down' position.

Huddersfield Narrow

Still in the north, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is closed at its start at Lock 2W in Huddersfield, this time until further notice as there is a problem with the head gate.

But we are informed that contractors are on their way to examine the problem.

Lee Navigation

It is back to the Lee Navigation again, this time Old Ford Lock (19) closed to navigation.

Again it is a problem with one of the gates, but no intimation as to whether contractors are on their way or not

Regent's Canal

It is most unlucky for boaters wanting to cruise the Regent's, as there is conflicting information, the notice clearly stating 'Navigation Closed' but also that the issue has been resolved.

But not stating what issue... 

All in all it clearly shows the present state of the waterways and the problems facing boaters.