Council taking action against unlawfully moored boats

Published: Friday, 09 July 2021

A NARROWBOAT that had been moored unlawfully at Kingston on the Thames has been removed.

Kingston Council removed the narrowboat Cygnet this week and is taking action against any such craft that are unlawfully moored within its jurisdiction, Roger Fox reports.

In secure storage

Using powers under the Greater London Council General Powers Act 1972, the council has removed and placed into secure storage a narrowboat that had been moored unlawfully to council land on Queens Promenade since late May.

Boats that overstay on moorings or occupy areas where mooring is not permitted, affect enjoyment of river users and those who wish to use the riverside, so they will be removed.

Recover costs

The legislation enables the council to recover removal costs from the owner if the boat is claimed, or from the sale of the boat if it is not.