Boaters could lose diesel and gas on the tidal Trent

Published: Wednesday, 07 July 2021

MOORED boaters at Stockwith on the Chesterfield Canal are likely to loose the facility to obtain either diesel or gas.

This has been the situation for several months after the previous business owner of the facility at West Stockwith Basin gave up, possibly though the effect on the business of the coronavirus.

No takers

Canal & River Trust have been attempting to get a new operator to run the facility to supply diesel and gas, but has had no takers.

It tells that should no one come forward by the end of this month it will remove the facility from the basin. But this would have an effect for boaters on the tidal Trent that use the facility, especially if running short of diesel when on the river.

Have a critical effect

It will also of course have a critical effect on those dropping through Stockwith Lock onto the tidal river if in need of diesel, especially if heading the 37 miles up stream to Newark.

If no one takes over the facility it will be removed on the 31st July.

NB We are told there are now no facilities on the Chesterfield for diesel or gas. None of the marinas sell it apparently and no fuel boat covers it either.