Signs, signs and more signs

Published: Monday, 28 June 2021

YELLOW signs, blue signs and now electronic signs! writes John Coxon.

CaRT putting up electronic speed indicator signs telling cyclists, and of course the new menace: e-scooters, how fast they are going in order to shock them into slowing down, will, I fear, have exactly the opposite effect.

SpeedSignExperience of real life?

Do CaRT not have anyone in their organisation that has any experience of real life? Have they not got anyone who has any inkling about human nature? To put signs like that up, without any punitive result will just goad, what I will now refer to as speed freaks, into beating each other's speed reading!

It has been proved time and time again that putting up notices and signs asking cyclists to slow has no effect. If there is no threat of punishment there is no incentive to obey. As all these speed freaks have no means of identification then they know they cannot be traced and punished. Also the signs will be vandalised and smashed as soon as they are erected.

Physical barriers

If CaRT are serious about slowing speed freaks down they need to realise the only effective method is to put physical barriers in their way like the chicane RADAR gates, etc.

One really cheap thing that would make speed freaks slow down is sharp road humps. These will not overly affect pedestrians, wheelchairs or pushchairs but will be very uncomfortable for anyone who tried to negotiate them at speed on a cycle or e-scooter?

Putting them fairly close together in popular places will reduce the incidence of high speed near misses between these speed freaks and other users considerably and a further advantage of them is they are maintenance free.