Boater gets his refund—eventually!

Published: Wednesday, 23 June 2021

AS YOU know we gave up on boating in April and your current postings only confirm that we made the right decision, writes Martin Cox.

You also kindly posted the problems we were having getting the refund on the balance of our licence. It at last came through this month and you might be interested in the 'apology' from CaRT:

Strange excuse

"I have been asked to contact you in relation to a refund you have been waiting for, and first of all I would like to apologise for the delay in the refund being sent to you. There is a couple of reason why the refund has been delayed the first being our cheque printer had actually broken and needed to be fixed which took longer than expected and the second is we can't send the cheques out as quick due to staff not being in the offices everyday following he(sic) pandemic."

Needless to say we paid by debit card, details of which were logged with them for automatic payment, and the acknowledged method of refund is by a credit not a cheque.