Big Lock footbridge reinstated

Published: Saturday, 29 May 2021

IT WAS way back in June of last year that the footbridge at Big Lock on the Trent & Mersey was removed.

BigLpckFootbridgeIt was somewhat the worse for wear and needed attention. The bridge is now back in situ but not too noticeable as there is a temporary scaffolding bridge in place with just a short stoppage whilst the crane was operating otherwise no disruption of the navigation, Alfred Overton reports.

Complete overall

The bridge has had a complete overall and is many tons lighter with the original concrete base removed and it is expected the final works to complete the installation will get done next week.

The long delay was as Cheshire East Council did not give the required permission for the repairs to the footbridge after the Trust's first application, but a further amended application had to be made before it was passed by the planning authority of the council.