A new record

Published: Saturday, 29 May 2021

A NEW record for a breach repair—18 weeks!

It was way back on Thursday 21st January that the breach occured on the Shropshire Union Canal between locks 10 and 11 cutting off both Chester and Ellesmere Port from the waterway system, Keith Gudgin reports.

Four and a half months

This week, on Thursday 27th May the breach was finally repaired, four and a half months later!

Canal & River Trust gave the usual 'design stage' excuses and brought in coronavirus—though other work was being undertaken at this time, but it seems little thought for the boaters trapped as the season opened some while ago.

Here's a quote from a trust stoppage notice:

'Works to repair the breach between Lock 10 and Lock 11 on the Shropshire Union Canal have progressed well'.