Droitwich key mystery solved

Published: Friday, 21 May 2021

Following our problems with the new padlock on the Droitwich Barge Lock swing bridge not working with old BWB keys I decided to perform an experiment, writes Richard Attwood.

DroitwichKeysToday (Thursday 20th May) I checked that my 'old' key still did not work. I then bought a brand new key which proved to be identical to my 'old' key. The new key worked perfectly.

Make of that what you will!  The new padlock is beginning to weather nicely.

Emailed CaRT twice

I have emailed CART twice using their web site contact us page. I have not had a reply from them. The second message was sent on 13 May and read:

About two weeks ago I messaged you to report a problem we had with the brand new padlock on the swing bridge across the Droitwich Barge Lock. The problem was that our three oldish BWB keys would not turn in the lock. The brand new key belonging to a boat following us did work. I have not had a reply to this report.

DroitwichLockThis was a serious Health and Safety problem as we we were moving from the fast flowing River Salwarpe onto the safety of the Droitwich Barge Canal. Not being able to swing the bridge meant that we were unable to do this. If the boat following did not have a brand new key then we, and any boats following us would have had to reverse the whole length of the river section of the Junction Canal against the fast flow of the river, reverse through two locks and the M5 tunnel to a winding hole.

I am very disappointed that you did not reply to my first message and trust that you will reply to this message to say that the problem has been solved.