Ripon Canal remains closed

Published: Friday, 30 April 2021

THOUGH there was an attempt at a temporary repair to re-open the Ripon Canal this was unsuccessful.

So the waterway remains closed with the boats trapped for an indeterminate time, Keith Gudgin reports.

Not successful

It was on the 20th April when the cill on Oxclose Lock(3)  broke off and the waterway closed, and yesterday, Thursday, divers attempted to make a temporary repair to allow the release of the trapped boats, but this was not successful.

Two holes had opened up in the bottom of the lock, with the reason given that there was nothing to anchor a repair to and so the lock remains out of use.

Undertaking further investigations

It is not known when a permanent repair can be undertaken, only that a team have been on site undertaking further investigations to identify the repair required.

And so the boater who wrote Boaters in limbo and others at the moorings on the canal remain stuck.