Shaft bearings worn out

Published: Thursday, 29 April 2021

I’VE JUST come up the Hatton Flight for the first time in four years. What a tragedy; the state of the flight, shaft bearings worn out and totally covered in oil/grease serving no useful purpose.

Some of the paddle gear, particularly the offside, are almost impossible to raise even with an extended windlass.

Passing moored wide beams and being met by three wide beams on the move this removes any feeling of tranquillity and gentle progress along our canals and as to 'life better by water' who’s kidding who?

DirtySignI think this will be the last time I travel this way after visiting Stratford I will return to narrow’ beam canals excluding of course the North Oxford!

Changing them to blue

I wonder if the intention is to let the algae build up on the black & white signs to full justify changing them for the 'nice' corporate blue ones? asks Brian D Jarrett.

From a disenchanted narrowboater.