CaRT should do something about that broad beam

Published: Monday, 26 April 2021

IF THE broad beam boat tied up at Willoughby referred to is the one I sent you a few weeks ago, then he should demand that CaRT do some enforcing for once, writes Kevin McNiff.

I will be venturing along this route in mid-May and will certainly raise objections directly to those in high places.

Wide Beam Willoughby2You may also remember that I had previously suggested a pinch point in Braunston to prevent these tubs from venturing onto the north Oxford but as usual, they pooh-pooed it.

Erected a notice

David Hymers adds—In the last week CaRT have erected a notice just before bridge 89 at Braunston, which says that broad boats can only use the north Oxford to access the marinas and may not tie up.

There is no mention of time restrictions or booking a passage and so far no notice has appeared for boats approaching the junction from the Napton direction. That must be this week’s job.