Temporary pipe to get Llangollen culvert fixed

Published: Saturday, 24 April 2021

A TEMPORARY pipe is to be inserted in the damaged culvert under the  Llangollen Canal.

This will mean the waterway at Hurleston can be reopened for boats, Keith Gudgin reports.

Water supply

But more importantly for Canal & River Trust it means keeping the flow of water supply to Hurleston Reservoir that supplies towns and villages in Cheshire, which is the reason for the unusual urgency in reinstating the water flow.

As soon as the extent of the damage was discovered by the CCTV inspection, it was realised it would take a deal of time to make a permanent repair so it was decided to install a temporary pipe through the culvert.

Pumps can be disconected

Once completed,the pumps that are keeping the flow of water to the reservoir can be disconnected, and more importantly to boaters, navigation can be resumed.

As to the future, the trust state that once these remedial works have been completed, its teams will start planning for a permanent replacement of the culvert for a later date.