Boaters sneaking through Soot Hill stoppage

Published: Wednesday, 21 April 2021

THOUGH the stoppage at Soot Hill was not officially opened until10am today, boaters have been sneaking through.

The stoppage caused by the bank collapsed at Anderton on the Trent & Mersey was originally due to be opened on Monday, but it was deemed not safe enough by the contractors and put back until today, Wednesday.

Soot HillNot completed

This delay has been caused as the work to clear a navigable channel had still not been completed, as the contractors required the week-end off work.

However boaters, understandably frustrated by the long stoppage, decided as the way was clear they would navigate through the stoppage when the contractors left.

Before officially opened

The photograph by Dan & Steph shows the marked channel that boaters took the chance of negotiating before it was officially opened.

It was way back on the 20th January that the bank collapsed in the continuous rains of that time, with many boaters unable to move between the Bridgewater and Trent & Mersey canals.