What about the other six?

Published: Monday, 12 April 2021

I MUST congratulate Damian on his Boaters' Update for telling us of the stoppages, writes T. Lang.

But alas in his 'Maintenance, repair and restoration work this weekend' he only gives us 15 waterways that have stoppages.

The others?

But as the official list as your John Coxon revealed was 21, what happened to the other six?  Or is it the extra seven now as I read the Llangollen has been added. (Now reopened but closed again.)

Or possibly eight, as there was no stoppage mentioned on the Calder & Hebble, but I just read the Figure of Three locks on that waterway have not reopened.  I must agree with another of your contributors, Victor, on the state of the waterways, especially as this is really the start of the boating season.


I was one of the first to contribute to your site some 20 years ago and have been boating ever since, and can honestly say I have never, ever, known the waterways to be in such a shocking condition at the start of a season, it is scandalous.