Shroppie and Macc closed to end of May and June respectively

Published: Thursday, 08 April 2021

IN JUST four days we can go boating again.

It is next Monday, 12th April when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted and once again we can stay overnight and cruise.

Major stoppages

But alas there are still major stoppages with seemingly no urgency except the now only too familiar 'we are looking into establishing a method of repair' delaying completion.

The stoppage by the breach on the Shropshire Union Canal  between locks 10 and 11, Keith Gudgin tells us, will not be repaired until the end of May, taking all of four months, our being told that at last work has started to install a new embankment.

Found the culvert

But worse on the Macclesfield Canal breach at Bridge 39 where we are told that engineers have found the culvert that failed that needs replacement.

The estimated completion of the repairs to this breach will not be until the end of June.

And no news about the possible opening of the Trent & Mersey yet at Anderton.