Evaluation of Performance—what's the point?

Published: Friday, 09 April 2021

MANY of you have passed comment on the Evaluation of Performance of Canal & River Trust that is to take place. LINK

The general opinion is that it is difficult to understand, with James Henry seeing it as little more that the trust getting a chance to tell how good it is doing, as he can't see 'outsiders' having a say.


Jim Bolton believes it is something of a cover-up too, to in an attempt to cover-up the down-turn since the trust took over from British Waterways.

Howard Clarke has no idea what this is or how it will help the canal boating network. And with such a small (in 2021 terms) budget fears it will be just a general white-wash resulting in a good result for CaRT.

Helen Cripps was shocked at spending up to £150,000 to learn how the trust has performed, when everybody already knows.

No point

What on earth is 'Identify a baseline and variation from the baseline', David Turner wants to know, he not seeing any point to it all, other than a waste of money.