Little hope of Macc reopening anytime soon

Published: Wednesday, 31 March 2021

THE photograph by Stephen Foster taken at 10.30 this morning (Wednesday) by Bridge 39 shows there is little chance of the latest breach on the Macclesfield Canal being repaired anytime soon.


THE breach occurred in October of last year in the lock chamber of Lock 11 on the Bosley Flight.

StephenFosterMacc1Organise a method of repair

Engineers at the time inspected what was described as a 'hole' in order to organise 'a method of repair', but there was no intimation when this would take place.

Neither is there any intimation that 'a method of repair' has been organised.

Remains closed

So in the meantime the Macclesfield Canal remain closed, cutting off access to the northern canals as there is also a blockage at Anderton stopping access to the Bridgewater.

Our thanks to Stephen foster for his two excellent photographs.