What is the purpose of so many blue signs?

Published: Monday, 22 February 2021

HAVING just done a flight of locks on the Trent & Mersey Canal it is absolutely obvious where all the money is going, writes John Coxon.

CoventrySign2The plethora of blue signs that have sprung up, not only new ones, but also replacing all the others, is astounding.  I can't wait to get to Fradley, I bet there's a real sprinkling of them there?

Must run into millions

The money that has been spent on this must run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.  If it is carried on throughout the whole network the cost must run into millions!

The only reason for this is vanity!  Trying to make something that is plain look pretty!  Well I've news for them, it's not working!

EnjoyYourCanalThere can be no justification for wasting money like this when there are more urgent matters that need attending to such as maintenance.

Wasting money

CaRT appear to love wasting money on the most stupid and ridiculous activities imaginable!

What one needs to ask is, who is its target audience?  It certainly can't be the boaters, we're not that gullible. Perhaps it's the general public?  No, they can't all be taken in by such actions. So it must be the civil servants and politicians?

Just one problem there?  How many civil servants or politicians visit the Trent & Mersey Canal?

No money for refund

No wonder CaRT won't honour its obligation of giving a refund on the licences boaters are unable to use, it spent it on all those stupid new blue signs!