Should be allowed to use our boats

Published: Monday, 22 February 2021

WHILST I agree with the views expressed by your contributors regarding having a refund on licence fees whilst we are unable to use our boats, writes Dave Brewin.

I would much rather CaRT was putting pressure on the government to allow us to use them than have a refund.  After all, boating is an inherently isolated activity and I can’t see how using our boats, with certain restrictions around only boating with those you live with and say returning to your home mooring each evening, is likely to have any significant impact on virus transmission.

Being very crafty

CaRT are being very crafty with the wording on their website which tells us that their waterways are open for use but then goes on to say that journeys should be limited to essential trips by liveaboards and leisure boaters should not stay onboard overnight.

Whatever wording CaRT may use the simple fact is that the current government rules mean that leisure boaters should not visit their boats as, apart perhaps an occasional trip for essential maintenance to ensure batteries are charged and the bilge pump is able to work, all other visits are currently illegal.

Deliberately chosen

If I were being cynical I would suggest that the wording on their website has been deliberately chosen precisely to avoid having to give a further licence refund.

Wouldn’t it be much better if they channelled their efforts into getting the waterways open for boaters?  After all if it’s okay to go fishing and canoeing on CaRT waters why not boating?