Two bodies recovered from sunken car in the Trent

Published: Monday, 15 February 2021

THE bodies of a man and woman have been recovered from the car that sank in the Trent two weeks ago.

It was on the 1st February that a car was seen in the water (Two missing as car discovered in Trent)  near Hoveringham and the emergency services called.

Trent in flood

However the Trent was in flood, and a search was not possible until a few days ago, when the car was at last located.

Even then it was difficult to find owing to the fast flowing water caused by the flooding, but eventually the emergency services managed to locate the car with specialist divers having the shocking discovery of discovering two bodies inside the vehicle.

Difficult operation

The car had eventually been located by Nottingham Police using sonar technology days after the report of the car in the flood, but treacherous conditions had prevented its recovery, police had told.  When eventually located it was a struggle to reach and a difficult operation to get to the vehicle and then eventually recover it.