Two missing as car discovered in Trent

Published: Wednesday, 03 February 2021

THE flooding Trent is at present stopping police investigating a submerged car in which are believed to be two people.

A large scale search has been going on since Monday after witnesses in Hoveringham on the Trent saw a car floating in the river, with two people reported missing, Alan Tilbury reports.

Could not reach it

The police state they had located an 'object in the water', but despite several attempts could not reach it due to the treacherous conditions of the flooding river.

Police, fire crews and the ambulance service are involved in the search and the relatives of the two people thought to have been inside the car are being supported by officers.

No positive knowledge

A witness reported that two occupants were in the car at the time it entered the river, but there is no formal identification as  there is no positive knowledge of who they are.

In September 2019, Emma Fegan died when her car went into the Trent in the same area of Hoveringham.