Mural needs £5,400 after two years

Published: Tuesday, 05 January 2010
THOUGH the mural at Dallow Lock on the Trent & Mersey Canal is only just two years old it needs £5,400 spending to restore it.

Under the bridge, and so out of the sun, the people deciding on the mural did not realise that in such conditions mould would form on the mural—and it has.

It will now cost the local taxpayers thousands of pounds to restore the mural that was erected to celebrate the heritage of the town and its waterway.

Now blighted by mould it leaves Shobnall Parish Council, the people behind the ill-thought-out scheme with a big repair bill, and unless something is done to protect it, it will have the same repair bill ad infinitum.

Damp conditions

The mural cost the council £14,000, but fungi have grown between the 'protective' plastic and the painting owing to its damp conditions by the water and under a bridge.

The repair work on the mural, which depicts scenes from the town's past, is expected to take three weeks to complete, but will not be undertaken until the summer.