It's all balls from the trust

Published: Monday, 18 January 2021

THE Canal & River Trust has discovered a new way to spend its money—on a gigantic ball!

A massive blue ball had been moored in the middle of Walsall Basinto stop people falling in.

BouyWalsallMet with derision

This latest gesture by the trust has been met with derision by the mediawith many asking how will a ball moored in the middle of a basin stop people falling in?

Records show that it is usually drunks who mistakenly step into the basin and often in the hours of darkness, and they are hardly likely to notice a ball floating well away from the side.

New spending

The ball that is just under two metres high, heralds a New Year of new spending for the trust. It is emblazoned with the words 'Deep Water' and is in the basin of the Walsall Canal just off Gallery Square.

It has been met with scathing media reports with some comparing it to an assault course on a television game shows; like the ball in the 1960's hit show 'The Prisoner' that followed ‘felons’ around the village to stop them escaping; one stating he nearly fell in trying to read what the message was; why not put a boat on it then it will show it's water; you would think that water would give the game away.


But others defended the ball stating there were walkers who failed to to notice there was a canal in the area.

But what is much more ominous is that people will believe it is something to play on and so swim to it—and drown...