Legitimate construction site?

Published: Friday, 08 January 2021

WHILST I'm aware that restoration is not necessarily part of your raison d'etre, we are struggling to find an answer to our question, writes Peter Saunders.

I know from regular reading of the contributors to your publication that many of them are very knowledgeable of laws, rules and regulations.  I simply want the views of such people.

StaffordLinkStafford Riverway Link

We have a construction project under way—basin, roving bridge and eventually reconnection to the Staffs & Worcs Canal, at it's original branch point.  (The Stafford Riverway Link—the Stafford Branch Canal by any other name.)

We have established that construction sites are able to function under the new (5th January) restrictions.  Our project has all the necessary planning permissions and approvals, etc., but it is being carried out by volunteers, not paid employees. Are we a legitimate construction site?  We abide by all other site regulations, hi-viz clothing, safety footwear, hard hats when machinery is in use, etc.

Checked three progressive sites

Yesterday I checked on three of the most progressive restoration projects, far wealthier than ourselves. Chesterfield and Cotswold have suspended outdoor volunteer activities, but Wey and Arun are actively pushing ahead with a major part of their restoration.