CaRT selective with consultations

Published: Friday, 11 December 2020

I’m not inclined to believe much of what comes from CaRT, writes John Johan.

They seem to be very selective when running these consultations, who gets them, and what replies they keep or lose.

Select participants

They seem to use various social media boating pages to select participants from, whom they know will provide them with the answers they need.

The CaRT has 'lost sight of the reason for its establishment and early focus on boating inclusivity', whilst anyone who has been 'sounding the alarms' about issues over the years has been ignored or silenced.

The main issue I see, is the complete lack of any accountability.  There really should be an independent body that oversees the Trust, handling appeals when necessary, and most importantly monitoring the CaRT’s management of the Trust.

Badly written muddle of ideas

The consultation itself is indeed a badly written muddle of ideas, (perhaps being the result of having been passed around a primary school class as a project?).

Watching a 'rogue' organisation demolish the many years of building is painful to watch.