CaRT opens Foxton against the rules

Published: Wednesday, 02 December 2020

THE Canal & River Trust have re-opened the Foxton Flight, even though it is still against the coronavirus rules.

As far as travel is concerned nothing has changed with the ending of the lockdown, as Leicestershire is in Tier Three, the highest and most restricted level, and you certainly are not allowed to stay overnight or travel into a Tier Two area—that going south from Foxton allows.

Open for emergencies

It was on the 5th November that the Trust stated that Foxton Locks will be open only for emergencies and to access essential services such as water, pump out or waste. At the start of the lockdown.

Yet the Trust has now issued the notice: Following the lifting of national restrictions Foxton Locks will now operate under normal winter opening hours.

Highest restriction

With Leicestershire in Tier Three—it is the highest restriction with travelling restrictions still the same.

Leaving the top of Foxton, within just eight miles is Northamptonshire, with the Leicester Section crossing the boundary at Bridge 34, meaning that you enter Tier Two, that can only be undertaken for restricted purposes, and certainly not for normal cruising.