IWA promotes restorations

Published: Thursday, 26 November 2020

THE various comments about the Inland Waterways Association entirely miss its aim, writes Claudia Trenhall.

a montgomeryIt's object is to promote the restoration of the disused canals, and does so very well, with the organisation of work parties throughout the whole country spending untold days helping the various canal trusts with their work in restorations.

Work parties

It provides its work parties free of charge that have done sterling work over the years, in all weathers, I might add.

Anyone taking the trouble to look at the IWA website will see the work that it does, that has little to do with the actual boaters, and so its joining with Canal & River Trust was a natural step for the restoration of the many disused canals.

It too is active in taking on the government should it attempt anything that would hinder the work the association is championing.

The association is not there for the boaters but for the good of the canals.