Looking after the interests of boaters

Published: Wednesday, 25 November 2020

I WAS most pleased indeed to read of NABO's fighting CaRT to stop its attempting to exceed its powers, writes T. Lang.

The news that the Trust is seeking to exceed the powers granted to it by Parliament in the 1995 Waterways Act, comes as no surprise as it obviously believes it can do what it wants, so I was particularly pleased that the National Association of Boat Owners are taking it to task.

Inland Waterways Association

I accessed the Inland Waterways Association's site, but could find nothing whatsoever relating to the attempt by CaRT to exceed its powers, which is not at all surprising considering the two are now so closely connected—mustn't rock the boat you know!

At one time the association would have been up in arms at such a move, but now, and most obviously being party to it, as Victor would say—'ner a word'.

At one time, when I was a member, it would rightly keep a close eye on the activities of whosoever was in charge, but alas those days have now gone, so thank God for NABO that at least still has our interests at heart.