Shock at Tony Dunkley's treatment

Published: Thursday, 19 November 2020

I READ read with interest (and some shock) the account of CaRT's treatment of Tony Dunkley, writes Andrew Bailes.

And I read with some sadness of the death of Nigel Moore. I met Nigel only once, at a meeting on the Grand Union, when he had just won his legal case defending his right to moor at Brentford.

Real inspiration

He was a real inspiration and, in his own quiet and indefatigable way, he made possible the London Boaters' defence of their rights against the then British Waterways 'Lee and Stort Boaters Extermination Plan' and the consequent Rapporteurship into mooring in London carried out by Baroness Jenny Jones for the Greater London Authority.

It is with a nod to these achievements, alongside Nigel's own, that I'd like to include a link (if our good editor allows such!) to the Kennet & Avon Boaters page which lists only a few of Nigel's achievements: K&A Boaters

A great loss to our community, doubtless, but long may Nigel Moore's work go on!