Middle Level charges exorbitant

Published: Wednesday, 18 November 2020

THERE is no doubt the Middle Level charges for using its waterway are exorbitant, writes Henry Stevens.

I often took the boat, across from the Nene to the River Great Ouse and back, and even though well under the top rate, being only 40ft  it will cost me £100 for two single trips there and back.

Book single trips?

But it is not clear as we are told that for a month it will cost £189, so it seems you cannot book two single trips but it is calculated on the length of stay.

The last time I went I stayed for 10 weeks for at least the River Great Ouse has no stoppages, so does that mean I will need a year's licence as I will be using the Middle Level longer than a month apart costing £756.  I don't think so!

Who is going to pay that?

Anyone with the top length narrowboat would have to pay £1,197!   Who is going to pay that?

'Greed' hardly covers it, especially as the Middle Level has been free.