Little chance of Rochdale Canal opening this winter

Published: Monday, 16 November 2020

THERE seems no chance of the broken bridge on the Rochdale being repaired in the near future.

For there is little concern shown by the third party owners of Punchbowl Bridge (43) at the summit of the waterway, Keith Gudgin reports.

PunchbowlBridge2Closed in October

Damage to the bridge caused Canal & River Trust to close it to navigation on the 9th of October, but since then, its owners, though they have examined it, seem unconcerned about its repair.

The latest of many updates  from the Trust tell that discussions and investigations are continuing into the repair work needed to the bridge, but its owners are showing little interest.

Remain in broken state

The Trust can only ascertain that the bridge will remain in its present broken state throughout the winter, and thus the Rochdale Canal remains closed at its summit as navigation is no longer allowed.