It IS CaRT's fault

Published: Thursday, 12 November 2020

I HAVE to disagree with Martin Howes when he says it's not CaRT's fault, Writes John Coxon.

It was CaRT's appointed engineers who closed the canal for 10 days by dropping a lock gate into the lock chamber at Atherstone.  It is CaRT who are still allowing all and sundry to use the canal towpath unfettered.  It is CaRT who are telling boaters they cannot move.  It is CaRT who are applying one rule for towpath users and another for boaters by encouraging towpath use whilst preventing boat navigation!

Compulsory payment

Boaters pay for the use of the canal, and apart from a token payment by anglers, the only group to do so compulsorily.

Keeping the facilities open would not cost CaRT any extra at all as I believe cleaning etc. is done by contractors which will be paid for on an annual basis anyway!

Road drivers have the option of SORN if they cannot use the roads for one or more months, boaters don't!  So yes, drivers can get their tax back if they are not using the roads!

Pay for a full year

We pay to be able to travel on the system for a full year so if we are being prevented, for any reason, from using the full system then compensation should be be automatically given.  It does not matter why the restriction is in place be it from natural causes, or engineering incompetence or whatever.  A reduced service should automatically mean a refund.

It's not only continuous cruisers who are affected, all boaters are affected yet all boaters are being told to continue paying even when told they not allowed to even visit their boat at it's mooring.

Or don't we count?

If the government can find billions to pay large corporations compensation for losses then surely they can find a few thousand to pay us compensation as well or don't we count...again?

Both T. Lang and myself are right.  CaRT started the precedent earlier in the year by stating that as the boaters are being prevented from using the system then compensation should be paid and they proceeded to pay it.  Why then are they stating that this time it is different?

CaRT making up the rules as they go along again it seems?