What are the odds?

Published: Thursday, 12 November 2020

THERE is another situation where a lock gate has 'lifted off a pin', and needs replacing.

This is on the Lee Navigation where the gate is stopping navigation at Rammey Marsh Lock (12), near Enfield, Keith Gudgin reports.

Same situation as Atherstone Lock gate.

It is hoped to replace the gate tomorrow, Friday, and is the same situation as the lock gate on the Atherstone Flight on the Coventry where the engineers dropped the gate in the lock closing the waterway for 10 days!

Canal & River Trust boast it will 'take a minimum of 24 hours, but 'Closure to be extended depending on progress of inspection and repairs.'

Depending if again the gate is dropped in the lock? 

Place your bets please

So Keith says: Place your bets please:  Done in under 24 hours—1000/1. Some form of cock up2/1  Another 'it wasn't our fault' excuseevens money!