You really couldn't make it up!

Published: Wednesday, 11 November 2020

I TRULY think I have heard everything now, writes Pam Pickett.

The legal team of the Canal & River Trust now maintain that had they evicted Tony Dunkley from his boat it would, and I quote:

'Possession order'

"...confirm that had the trust been carrying out an eviction as you (Tony Dunkley) allege which would have been pursuant to a possession order and require Bailiffs to be present.  The presence of the Trusts instructed Bailiffs on the day of your boat removal was to assist the trusts staff with the removal and not due to any requirement in any act or regulation."

So there you have it people. According to the law of the Teflon coated Canal & River Trust, leaving a man with a carrier bag of hastily grabbed bits and only in the clothes he stood up in is not an eviction.  This on the part of a Trust partially funded by taxpayers money, and with royal patronage to boot!

Only one Trust member present

Furthermore only one member of the Trust's regular staff was present at the eviction

In conclusion—as I said you truly could not make this up!