Forcing a man to leave home dumped on the river bank

Published: Thursday, 05 November 2020

The answer according to CaRT's legal department over the eviction of Tony Dunkley quite frankly makes the mind boggle, writes Pam Pickett.

Forcing a man to leave his home and leaving him homeless on a river bank by towing his home away surely has to be considered by even the most cynical amongst us to be an eviction.

Try to justify it

If it looks like a duck quacks like a duck then I'm afraid it is a duck, regardless of the spin the Canal & River Trust try to justify it by.

The Trust tells us that had it been an eviction it would have had to have provided Bailiffs, and yet four unidentified men who attended announcing themselves as 'Enforcement Officers'—today's title used by the courts for what used to be known as Bailiffssaid that they were enforcing a court order to take Tony's boat from him and tow it away.

Doesn't work that way

CaRT can't have its cake and eat it here, doesn't work that way!

There could be a question here as to whether the police in attendance were possibly misled?