Boat did not sink!

Published: Thursday, 05 November 2020

IT IS some time since I last put 'pen to paper' as in were, but the 'sinking' needs it, writes Jimmy Lockwood.

As far as CaRT is concerned the boat didn't sink into the water, the water rose above the boat. So therefore the boat didn't actually sink!

Can't admit to being at fault

Semantics I know but as has been said in many narrowboatworld articles, CaRT are incapable of admitting to being at fault!  Seen as uncaring incompetent and inept by everyone is okay, as long as it doesn't have to admit to it being their fault, even partially, which is the only way it can see it!

And to apply any changes to the signage at locks to show the dangers will be the same as an admission of guilt!  So that's a big, very big No, No!