Sinking on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Published: Monday, 02 November 2020

THIS happned to the Hire boat Katie's Drum on Friday 30th October heading in direction of Skipton, writes Craig Shelley.

SunkLLAFortunately, no injuries. The rest of the family had evacuated the boat just beforehand to see it through the lock, and the driver was able to scramble clear before it went down.

The bow jammed between front gates and lock wall.

Failed to release boat

Several attempts made to release the boat failed and unable to close gate paddle due to the pressure of the boat pressing against the paddle rod. It was not possible to maintain water level in the lock using the top paddles. 

SunkLLBAfter the boat sank, the water in the lock was emptied. The reduction of pressure against the gates caused one of them to become displaced, allowing the boat to drop suddenly by a further couple of feet at the bow.  Several planks were torn from the lock gate.

Arrived within minutes

CaRT and the hire firm arrived within minutes.  There is concern regarding the lock gate as it's currently bearing a considerable load.

[Photographs kindly supplied by Craig.]