Electric hire boats for the Avon

Published: Thursday, 29 October 2020

STARTING next year will be a fleet of new electric powered hire boats based at Stratford.

ElectricHireStratfordThe boat hire company, Avon Boating will be operating them, with a prototype of the new electric boat given the go-ahead by Stratford District Council licensing team, Roger Fox reports.

Convert entire fleet

Last year the Herald reported that initial trials of an electric boat had been undertaken by Avon Boating, whose owner, Nick Birch, intends to convert his entire fleet to electric by 2024, telling the Stratford Herald:

“The new electric powered boats are much quieter and very stable, so they are great from a noise and public safety perspective.

“Gradually changing our fleet to a more environmentally friendly electric version, instead of the existing petrol motors is going to be a huge benefit to the flora and fauna of the area.”