Not surprised at standard of work

Published: Friday, 23 October 2020

SO those who managed to accidentality drop a gate into a lock have closed a flight for over a week, writes T. Lang.

Like I expect many others, I am not surprised as I have seen the standard of work carried out by people who so obviously haven't the equipment to do the job properly.

AtherstoneChaos400Not installed properly

A case in point was two brand new gates fitted on a lock near our moorings, that still leak, as they have not been installed properly.

It seems to me that those at Canal & River Trust—and 'Trust' is a joke—either did not want the hassle or don't have the knowledge, or perhaps equipment to undertake the maintenance.

Why over a week

So dropping a gate in a lock is small fry to them I should imagine, but why over a week to get it out and in place? (Photograph by Dan White.)

I have just been on Google and find there are lots of cranes on hire within striking distance of Atherstone, so why the wait?  And as stated by a contributor, a 'long reach' crane is desired.  Weldex International at Alfreton on the A38 has the biggest range in the country, and could be on site within the hour...

Hire boats stranded

Yet CaRT will have all the boaters, that are still arriving, wait for a week.  And hire companies having their boats stranded and unable to complete bookings.

So taking a leaf out of Victor's book, I shall remark—It's 'bugger the boaters'.