Alarming new policy for Harecastle

Published: Thursday, 22 October 2020

AN ALARMING new policy is being introduced at Harecastle Tunnel now that volunteers are in charge.

Instead of allowing boats in as the tunnels clears, there is to be a strict one hour turnaround for boats at each end starting from the North entrance at 8am then the South entrance at 9am the North entrance at 10am and the South entrance at 11am.  And that is it.  The navigation closes at noon, Keith Gudgin reports, adding:

harecastleAn hour and a quarter

"Let's hope no-one takes more than an hour to get through. The last time I followed a boat through they were so slow it took us a hour and a quarter.

"I refuse now to follow any one through that tunnel. I insist on being first in the group."

So what what happens if boats come through on time, the volunteers stick to the rules and allows boats in from the opposite end but there is a very slow one still inside coming the 'wrong' way?  An entry in our Boat's Log for Saturday 9th September 2009 was the North end keeper told us one hire boater took one hour 28 minutes to get through...

Must book passage

Also boats must now book a passage at those times given, and if late will not be allowed through. And slots are only allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

This will make planning a cruise most difficult, especially if held up by the now ever mounting stoppages.