CaRT admits cyclists go too fast!

Published: Thursday, 22 October 2020

THE Canal & River Trust has devised yet another campaign in an attempt to slow down cyclists on the towpath.

The Canal & River Trust has launched its 'Stay Kind, Slow Down' campaign admitting that some cyclists ride too fast and upset other towpath users, Alan Tilbury reports.

yclistsLockMooringsAllowed speed trials

Yet it is the Trust that allowed the towpaths to be used by the American based organisation where cyclists clocked their speeds in speed trials to try and beat those of others.

This new campaign has just been launched after numerous complaints from walkers, especially those with children and dogs who are appalled at the way some cyclists dangerously speed along the towpaths and use foul language for any who get in their way.

This replaces the last 'Drop Your Pace' campaign, that had little effect.