Victor: It is coming to pass

Published: Sunday, 18 October 2020

SO THE Canal & River Trust is planning the biggest ever upgrade to our towpaths.

100 miles of towpaths to be be correct, which will include 30 different towpath 'improvements' at a cost over the next few years of £45 millions.

These are spread throughout the system with the northern canals getting the most, meaning it is really coming to pass that the waterways are more and more being changed into a linear park for walkers and cyclists.

Is that the reason?

We all know of the never ending stoppages on the northern canals, closing them to navigation, that surely everyone now realises in lack of maintenance.

So is this part of the plot?  For the many visitors wanting the 'peace and quiet'—that is so often floggedof the towpaths, would hardly want the noise of a boat's engine upsetting their reverie would they?  And especially those extra noisy thump-thumps with the side doors open to make sure they can be well heard!

Don't believe it?  Well, over the last week the Leeds & Liverpool, Macclesfield, Caldon, Shroppie, Rochdale and now the Aire & Calder were all closed, with the Shroppie for a week and the Rochdale now to the 23rd.

Six stoppages of the northern canals in a week.  What does that tell you?

What it's all about

MInd you, we can see what it is about can't we?  Showing the government that the waterways are for all, and so keeping its hand-outs.

Just a great pity the money is not spent on the navigtions themselves, as the ever increasing stoppages show that it most certainly is not.

That did not go down too well

Referring to those floating homes, or whatever they call them, at Priory and Sawley marinas, I reckon Lis Deakin's comments about the blurb of 'Tranquil waterside setting' did not go down so well with those flogging 'em.

Her comments concerning Sawley—'As I see the marina is about 300 yards from a bridge carrying the M1 motorway and about three miles from East Midlands Airport. Not so tranquil.  And checking on Nicholson's, I see the marina is one mile up river from the main Sheffield London railway. They call that tranquil?  Perhaps that's why it's cheaper at Sawley.  Better sticking with Priory'.

She is right, we are surrounded by a motorway, an airport and a railway, and it's bloody noisy—there is no sleeping with windows open there!  Mind you, there's always earplugs.

Victor Swift